Protective Relay Testing

Protective Relay Testing

Protective Relay is one of most challenging items in an electrical System. Relay testing require the in depth experience and understanding of the relay functions for each application. Our teams of professional relay technicians have a diverse range of experience; we have solved some of the most challenging problems for many industries

CHI Electric services offer a variety of customizable protective relay testing services to facilitate fast, seamless testing.

Services Include

  1. Acceptance Testing: Relay acceptance testing proves a relay is good right out of the box. This testing insures no damage has occurred during shipment, and that there are no manufacturing defects.
  2. Commissioning: Our service will provide relay and functional testing with in-service settings. This insures equipment is installed correctly and circuits are ready to be energized. Relay inspection and finding discrepancies in advance reduce unscheduled downtime, project delays, repair costs, and personnel safety threats. This kind of testing will provide a baseline for future preventive maintenance.
  3. Preventive Maintenance: Periodic relay testing will insure correct operation, and minimize unnecessary downtime/equipment damage should a short circuit or overload situation occur. We will provide a full testing documentation to help track testing intervals, and identify re-occurring problems throughout the life of the relays.
  4. End-to-End Testing: This type of testing helps perform a complete check of a system protection scheme. Testing includes verification of circuit breaker operation, communication time, and the effectiveness of relay settings.

Types of Relay Testing

  • Insulation Resistance
  • Zero Check
  • Pick-Up (Induction disc. and/or instantaneous unit)
  • Time characteristics (when applicable)
  • Target and seal-in operation
  • Special test that are peculiar to the specific type of relay such as through fault, reach, dropout, etc.

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