Water pipelines are the lifeblood of our communities. CHI Construction specializes in all types of water pipeline construction; residential, commercial, industrial, institutional and municipal water installation systems. From intricate 4-inch water distribution pipeline, to 60 inch underground transmission mains, our pipeline expertise allows us to move water and wastewater with the highest levels of reliability, safety and efficiency. We take a teamwork-oriented approach to each project, coordinating with municipalities and government organizations wherever necessary. Our skilled, multi-disciplinary staff puts our capabilities, systems and equipment to work for those requirements including trenching, installation, hydro testing, chlorination, bacterial testing, flushing, back-filling and paving. We deliver high-quality, effective, and environmentally sound pipeline solutions for projects across the state of California. CHI Construction is committed to providing you with the best services safely and on time. Contact us at info@chiconstruction.net and we will be happy to partner with you to complete your project.



We have the experience, expertise and capability to successfully execute any underground utilities/pipelines replacement projects. CHI Construction provide a safe and healthy work environment.

We specialize in:

  1. Potable  & Recycled water pipeline installation and replacement
  2. Underground conduit
  3. Water services
  4. Storm drain installation and replacement
  5. Sewer line installation and replacement
  6. Manholes installation 
  7. Cathodic protection
  8. Fire Hydrant
  9. Excavation/grading/trenching
  10. Trench pavement

Our efficiency combined with our eye for safety guarantees that you will get your money’s worth. When you hire CHI Construction for your residential or commercial pipeline or excavation project, you rest assure that your project will be done safely and on time. We work in all sorts of conditions to ensures that our client receives the best service every time. We pride our selves on the quality of our work and our ability to have minimal ground disturbance.

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