Parking Solutions

Parking Solutions

CHI has partnered with many high technology vendors for automated access control solutions which, allows us to give you the tools that offer the flexibility to run your business the way you want, with a wide range of solutions. We install Automated Pay Stations for Parking Meters, Parking Revenue Control, Pay and Display, Pay by Space and more!


Automated Fee Machine for National Parks, Regional Parks, Amusement Parks, Camping Fee Machine, Boat Launch and more!

Parks and recreation automation services help parks and recreational areas collect admission fees and issue passes without the cost of staffing a sales center or manning a tollbooth. The automated fee machines can collect entry fees for one day or multiple days and even issue passes for an entire year. In addition, they can be used to collect the fees for services, such as boat storage and launch, camping space management, firewood, pay showers, tours and more.


The key to the profitability of any parking facility is the ability to collect revenues by implementing automated parking meters with customizable rate tables. We use software that is designed to simplify payment collection and reduce the need for parking attendants. Hardware is vital to your parking enterprise, but we believe the key to future success is a smarter, more data-driven software platform. The pay and display systems issues permits that customers post right on their dashboards. Harness the power to drive your business toward top tier performance and lasting operational excellence.

Our pay-by-space systems allow customers the convenience of paying the parking fee by entering a designated space number with no need to return their cars to display a ticket.

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