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Transformer and switchgear testing

Is Your Existing Switchgear Becoming Obsolete and Becoming Too Expensive To Maintain?

Does Your Obsolete Air Magnetic Breakers Need Replacing?

Need To Upgrade To Modern Safety Regulations?

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CHI offers Turn-Key Project Management, allowing you to maintain a Single Contractor for every phase of your electrical engineering project, from Transformer installation to Inspection and Service.   
Transoformer testing, transformer maintenance
transformer testing
Transformer Testing Includes:
Transformer Oil Analysis
Moisture Analysis
DGA (Dissolved Gas Analysis)
Interfacial Tension Analysis
Acid Number
PCB (EPA 8082)
Power Factor Analysis
TTR (Turn-to-Turn Ratio)
Insulation Resistance testing (Megger)
Ductoring Contact Resistance

Transformer Service and Problem Resolution Includes:
Oil Servicing
Neutralize Acids
Filter Particulates
Internal Inspection and Repairs
Re-Wind Oil or Dry Transformers
Aluminum or Copper Windings
Restack Core Steel
Replace Bushings

Switchgear Inspection and Service

CHI is a provider of Switchgear Inspection and Service in south west coast of. Our professionals have over 10 years of expertise working with Switchgear in many of the largest facilities in California.

CHI Electric Services All Brands of Switchgear including GE, Siemens, Square D, ABB, Westinghouse, Cutler-Hammer, High, Medium and Low Voltage Contactors and Breakers
CHI Performs these Switchgear Tests:
         High Current Testing
         Secondary Injection Testing
         Insulation resistance Testing (Megger)
         Contact Resistance Testing (DLRO Digital Low Resistance Ohms)
         Vacuum Bottle Testing
         Electrically Operate Breaker Functions
CHI handles Switchgear Repairs which include:
         Repair/Replace Copper or Aluminum BUSS bars
         Trip Unit Upgrades
         Cleaning, Re-Adjustment and Lubrication
         Complete Teardown and Re-Build
Switchgear Preventative Maintenance includes:
Switchgear Rebuild includes:
         Complete disassembly
         Repair/replacement of bushings, coils, contacts, motors
         Replace Breakers
         Dry Ice Blasting
         Power coat frame
         Restore Breaker to Like-New Condition

Switchgear testing, switchgear maintenance