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CHI electric is a branch of CHI Construction established in 2007 to service and provide systematic and safe approach to electrical distribution systems.
Our services include transformer inspection & oil testing, evaluation, maintenance testing, electrical system repairs, replacement, and fluid analytical services, FVD testing and installation, relay tesing, HMI (human machine interface) systems and parking kiosk machines (Automated access control).

Our customers include large and small utilities, industrial plants, commercial buildings, municipalities, schools, hospitals and any power generator or large consumer of electric power.
Reliable performance is essential for your electrical service. Our mission is to keep your service up and running without interruption with our testing, repair, and replacement services. And in emergency situations, CHI can respond quickly to get your operation back up and running.
CHI helps prevent electrical system downtime with a regular maintenance schedule. In emergency situations, CHI responds quickly to get your distribution system operation back up and running.

Unexpected downtime due to a loss of electrical power can be costly and dangerous in more ways than one. CHI Electric is your primary resource for both preventing and solving your electrical power problems. Our experienced team of electrical engineers, test technicians and industrial electricians give clients an effective resolution to any power system need. Contact us and we will be there for you.

Mobile Light Trailer (Light Tower)
Our technicians follow a proven, step-by-step approach to electrical troubleshooting and preventive maintenance that ensures safety and reliable results. Our Test Technicians and field engineer are among the best trained and most qualified electrical test professionals in the industry. Contact us to serve you.

A list of our service includes:
· Transformer and switchgear testing
· Electrical acceptance testing and commissioning
· Electrical maintenance testing
· Infrared inspection
· Dielectric fluid analytical services
· Customized Maintenance Programs
· Protective Relay Testing
· VFD testing, troubleshooting and analysis
* Parking Solutions (Automated Access Control)

Save time and money. Do not wait until failure occur. For transformer or switchgear testing and repairs, call CHI Electric now and we will make sure that your system is running smooth.

  Industries We Serve

Our depth of Engineering Service experience extends across industries including:
Electrical Utilities
Gaming Facilities
Federal, State, County and City governments
Health Care
Metals industry
Movie industry
Paper Mills
Power plants
Primary metals industry
PSC (Public Service Commission)
Waste water
Wind generation